Hollywood Art Walk and SFID Art Gallery

Our Exhibit Our goal At the SFID Tech Hub is to bring the energy of creation to Downton Hollywood. This is why we love participating in extracurricular events, like the Hollywood Art Walk. Together with the city of Hollywood CRA, we have opened our own SFID Tech Hub Art gallery in the beginning of our […]

SFID Tech Hub Is Officially Open!

https://sfidtechhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/20211001_202749_1.mp4 After much hard work, determiniation and some elbow grease our new 6,000 sq ft tech hub is officialy open for business. The first floor of our building is permanent home to Lime Design a industry leading product development company. With 16 offices on the second floor housing various types of business’s, ranging from marketing […]