Our Aim

Our number #1 goal is simple. To be one of the top tech hubs in South Florida. We strongly believe South Florida is the next technology hot spot. Mixed with the Miami lifestyle, its the perfect combination. Come on in and get productive inside our tech hub.

Our Workspaces

Hot Desks

Hot desks are the new trend. Come and work with others. These desks allow for creative expression. You can come in and work on your own schedule.

Dedicated Desk

Monthly Dedicated Desk In Shared Office. Come on in and have an enjoyable and productive work month!

Private Office

Rooms to set up a workspace in the SFID building. Each space has full access to all the common areas and amenities. Offices have private keys.

Our Building

Take a look around our building. On the first floor is Lime Design, a product development company that designs and engineers products.

Also on the outside is the beautiful innovate mural of Hollywood, featuring some of the most innovative figures of recent history including Elon Musk.

Our Community

Lime Design

Tri-Marketing Solutions

Real Estate Captured

Paul Kruger App Development

Cleaning Place


Ernesto Proffesor


Chuck Blog & Copyright

Kosmic Ink


Leo Naveiras LLC


Origins Law LLC


Johnny M Craft Art

Double Edged Construction

Space Available

Space Available

Space Available

Space Available

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